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We have over 20 years experience in the paving industry, supplying and installing driveways, patios and pathways to both the domestic and commercial market and operate nationwide accross all areas of the UK.

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Using our knowledge and experience that we gained over the years we can provide the advice and help that you need in deciding how to go about turing your paving ideas into your stunning new driveway, patio or pathway. We have layed 1000's of driveways for all the major surface types, including pattern imprinted concrete, Tarmacadam and block paving.

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Whatever your surfacing requirments are we are confident we can provide the service you require at very competitive prices. Our customers are both domestic and commercial and we carry out work from small garden patios to large supermarket car parks!

We strive on our reputation for true workmanship and high quality - aswell as being very competitivley priced.


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> More about Block Paving Driveways

The addition of a block paving driveway will add value to your home and improve your kerb appeal. Whatever the size of your property creating an individual block paving driveway could not be easier. Block paving driveways are a viable option when choosing a driveway surface. Our block paving comes in a wide range of colours, designs, styles textures and sizes to choose from. As part of your block paving driveway design you may want to incorporate circular features or soldier course borders in contrasting colours, our surveyor will advise and assist you with all aspects of your design, including selecting the pattern layout of your block paving driveway. As part of our range we also have a selection of edging and kerbstones to finish off your borders or raised flowerbeds which will complement your project. Our block paving range includes block paving pavers which simulates old cobbles giving a slightly rugged traditional look to smooth surface blocks which are a practical option to enhance their surroundings, all of which are ideal for block paving driveways, patio paving and pathways. Whether you choose a modern, classic or traditional pavers you will have a distinctive block paving driveway which will provide an elegant approach to your property which will provide many years of service. Our stylish range provides a low maintenance and practical solution to your block paving driveway needs.

> More about Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways also known as pressed concrete, stamped concrete or printed concrete, is a perfect choice for driveways, pathways and patio paving.  Choosing a pattern imprinted driveway will also provide you with the opportunity to design a bespoke driveway as the vast array of colour and pattern combinations available are immense, ensuring that you will find a style to suit you. Traditional and modern patterns are available such as yorkstone, cobblestone and slate. Once the pattern and colours have been selected your pattern imprinted driveway can also be enhanced by choosing from a range of features such as soldier courses, borders, planters and circular features.  Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are low maintenance as there is no re-sanding or weeding required. As pattern imprinted concrete is laid as an approximately 100mm layer of concrete weeds cannot penetrate it, thus providing a weed free driveway and patio option. The pattern imprinted driveways we install are sealed with a UV protective seal which is oil resistant. Pattern imprinted concrete is perfect for patio’s as it can be laid to any shape you require, giving you a multitude of design options from curving borders to sweeping corners replicating flagstones, cobbles and block paving. As the pattern is pressed in the concrete this makes the product very versatile. We are able to create multi step systems, raised terraces, pool surrounds, circular features and borders to your specifications. A pattern imprint concrete driveway will pave the way to a beautiful home.

Concrete that features patterns is called pattern imprinted concrete. Its patterns can give off various effects. There are various kinds of imprinted pattern concrete that can even look like wood decking or wood panelling – ideal for patio surfaces. Chemical treatments on imprinted pattern concrete can seal the surface to prevent water damage and discolouration from the sun. This is particularly useful for concrete driveways that has different or unusual colours within it. However, because of the sealed nature of the surface, this action need only be performed years after the concrete has originally been laid – and only then if it is needed. Speaking of the sealed nature of this surface, drainage issues can often be overcome with retaining walls and the edging around the surface. Imprinted pattern concrete can mimic surfaces that it is in fact much stronger than. This is one of the beautiful things about it. It has a sophisticated strength when compared to – for example – paving stones, but it can actually be patterned in such a way as to achieve a paving stone effect. The many colours in which imprinted pattern concrete can be found also make it incredibly versatile. Whether you’re laying the surface for a driveways, patio, garden path or the section of a street, it can match the area where it is laid with great ease. It can match a section of cobblestone paving in another area of a garden, for example, while providing enough strength to hold the weight of large vehicles if necessary. It will require less maintenance than other kinds of surfaces because it is sealed by default: Paving stones and cobbles will always attract weeds between the cracks of the cobblestones. Tarmacadam, meanwhile, often has a moss problem. Using rotary technology and steam devices, imprinted pattern concrete can also very easily be cleaned of grease or oil or dirt of other kinds. - 22 September 2011.

> More about Patio Paving

Patio paving
adds instant character to your garden, including patio paving into your garden design expands your living space providing an extra social area for the family to relax in or have barbeques etc. Added features such as steps, planters, stepping stones, pathways to seating areas, retaining walls, patio paving circular features all add interest to your garden. Water features are always regarded as a lovely addition to a garden when designing your patio paving. Centralising a feature with a patio paving surrounding is an effective way to draw the eye to particular area of your garden. Flagstone circular features look fantastic as a single feature or as part of an overall patio paving design such features also come in semi circular, square and octagonal,  Flagstones, block paving or pattern imprinted concrete are very popular options for patio paving. Individual designs for conservatory and swimming pool surrounds can be achieved by using our design service. All our patio paving options can be chosen to compliment the colour and texture and style of your property. The addition of granite edging setts or decorative aggregates will give the perfect finishing touch to your patio paving.  After installing patio paving you will be surprised much the area will be utilised and why you didn’t have it installed sooner as it is a lovely addition to any home. Imprinted concrete.

> More about Tarmacadam Driveways

Tarmacadamadam also known as the trade name Tarmacadam is tough, high-performance surfacing product which is ideal for domestic and commercial projects such as driveways, footpaths, car parks and play areas. The installation of Tarmacadam driveways is an economical resurfacing solution which is quick to install. Tarmacadam driveways are very durable when used for domestic drives etc, the appearance of Tarmacadam driveways can be enhanced by the use of a cobble borders, and soldier courses using blocks of your choice. Tarmacadamadam is also available in a selection of coloursThe Tarmacadamadam wearing/surface course (the uppermost surface) can be 'coloured' by using a coloured binder When using the correct specification Tarmacadamadam/ Tarmacadam can be a very practical option when faced with steep inclines or heavy vehicle usage. Commercially used for, car parks highways driveways pathways commercial business parks, forecourts, retail parks, caravan parks, playgrounds and sports surfaces. As a repair to or rejuvenation of existing Tarmacadam driveways a wearing/surface course can be laid over the surface. This is known as an "Overlay". The overlay surfacing should be a minimum 25mm thick and must be bonded to the existing surface with a bonding emulsion, commonly referred to as a Tack Coat.

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We offer a wide range of paving and driveway services for both the domestic and commercial market. Whether you require a small block paved driveway, a new flagstone patio paving or even a large tamac car park we can meet all your requirments with all our paving services.

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We operate accross the whole of the UK and over the years have carried out paving and driveway installations in most areas. Wherever you live we will be more than happy to provide advice and a free design, survey and quote for your new driveway, pathway of patio paving.

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